Wednesday, March 23, 2011

panoply of artistic wonder

What a life, in the space of 1 week I will have hung with NorCal genius in the form of Mr. Joe Curren, the central cal genius which is Steiny and on Saturday the mighty RT. This is why we are involved in surfing: the companionship of like minded and more talented folks (it's certainly not the money). Speaking of not the money, I will be there in full flight at the merch table. T-shirts, books etc. Feel free to stop by, check out the fantastic array of Simmons related ephemera and maybe go home with an acquisition or two. Your spending is not going to supporting a casual lifestyle (there's many day jobs involved here) but is put back into what ever project is next. (Not that I'd object to becoming some sort of surf culture oligarch- I'd expect nothing too obscene like multi million dollar yachts or football teams- a nice central coast spread with a wave or two out front would be fine, a shed full of exceptional surf boards and maybe a few russian ballerinas and/or up and coming bollywood actresses to keep things interesting, I'd invite you all over I swear...)

Oh, a footnote. Someone from Iceland looked at this blog. I think that's really cool, and if you're that person and you look again, drop an email- I'd love to know what your deal is.

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