Thursday, March 17, 2011

Channeled Quad MiniSim and other art

...or why a custom surfboard is your best option. East Coast Stan, a gent of obvious taste and amazing patience wanted a mini Sim, bounced a few ideas around and then left the assemblage to Hank Warner. (Stan already has a solid grounding in Hank's quality rides) This is what happened, and it's good- it even excited Mackie. The boards for Sacred Craft are haphazardly piled in the front room and are annoying the dog, so I'm ready to go. Come on by if you're in the neighbourhood and we'll be at the demo session at Cowell's on Sunday AM (possibly in somewhat shakey form depending on how fired up Trefz is) If you're down here in the LA region, go by Track 16 Gallery at the Bergamot Station on Saturday night. Jeff Ho has a pretty cool little part in the new show there, 'Stoked & Broke' will be screening and it'll be a good time. More Jeff stuff coming up soon too- there's a lot on the boil which is nice in times as troubled as these.


reverb said...

...hey man, that previous board looks like a prototype but very cool.
I have several flexies in mind but no time to build them due to full list of orders...
Im still riding and testing the "hydro slots" fish on several surf conditions.

Kirk said...

Yeah, definitely still a work in progress and there's a lot to play with there- I've offered to help test them too of course! I loved those hydroslot fishes, keep us posted on them.