Monday, March 07, 2011

Flex Path pt3- Winterstik inspired

For reasons known only to himself, Mick Mackie decided to send this board up. It's one of the original Winterstik inspired experiments that have heavily influenced his shaping trajectory (as featured beautifully in Kidman's new film), and it's around 10 years old which makes it even more mad and amazing. A decade ago most people were still getting their heads around traditional fish and Mick was already this far out there? Brilliant. Despite being a little battered and used as a notepad for Mick's observations and instructions, the idea is to get it set up again, this time with a set of Simmons keels out on the pins, and under the feet of some of the kids. Ekstrom has volunteered to refin it (if there's a man who knows about board experiments it's Carl Ekstrom) and hopefully we'll get Ryan Burch on it amongst others. The board will undoubtedly be coming on any surf related mission I make too, so pictures will follow I hope. Thanks for sharing it Mick.

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