Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Twentyfirst Century Mini Simmons For Sale.

Starting the year off with a few deals is a fine idea, so here we go. San Diego has stirred, and there's 3 very nice surfboards ready for homes. Two 3 fin Simsters- 6' and 5'10" and a quad 'Fourke' - 5'8". All are the real deal Hydrodynamica boards, built by Hank Warner (who's been doing some outrageously lovely work lately, his Caster family channel bottoms are the business, but more on that later) from EPS and with Gephardt keels. Purebred bloodline, straight from the original Bauguess/Elwell/Kenvin collaboration, none of that copied from an internet picture stuff here. Straight up $900 each, can be shipped anywhere you'll pay for them to be shipped to. If had some folding money to hand that quad would be mine. Something for the skaters too- a few slightly shopworn 'Dogtown- Legend Of The Z-Boys' have turned up post Xmas, so out the door they go at half price- $17.50 plus $5 shipping inside the US (overseas you pay actual shipping cost). Email and get the goods.

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