Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Moving Pictures For Your Pleasure

Jon Frank, who collaborated with Kidman on 'Litmus' has currently been working with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the result is this which I think is absolutely stunning. No idea what the completed project will be, but I look forward to it.

The kids are doing it too, scoff at their hipsterdom if you will, but they went to Maine and built some very tidy wooden boards with the good folks at Grain, and then surfed them well. Good stuff indeed.

On the subject of wood, the Jeff Beck modern twin in the post below is absolute magic, and I'm saying that after 2 sessions in closeout beachbreak. On a wave that stays up longer than 5 seconds it will be mindblower. One pocket of face allowed for a full on 'I Don't Have To Ride This Out So What The Hell' hack, pure fat Occy on the comeback action and the board was like butter- I swear I could have ridden that out. There's swell coming, I'll report back....

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