Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twentyfirst Century Asyms

Carl taking it to a new tech level. Prototype Hydroflex asymmetricals. The boards are built with a vac bag setup that sort of bonds the skins to foam fibres in the blank making it ultra strong, and the boards are literally inflated to the optimum pressure. I'm not sure how someone like me who barely changes his wax ever would do with having to check board pressure every session, but it's interesting stuff and hopefully Carl will be at the Santa Cruz Sacred Craft- a few of his boards will definitely make it. On the compsand thread, the Jeff Beck twin is getting surfed every session and it's a gem, light as can be but it feels solid and springy under foot. The swell here in Socal has been very nice indeed so that even those of us stuck surfing barely adequate beach breaks have had some good moments. Hope you're all getting a taste too.

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Nathan Oldfield said...

Beautiful spaceships! Oh I'd love to have go.