Thursday, January 13, 2011

NInelights Field Trip

The only good thing about breaking a board is that I get to go down to Huntington and see Jeff Beck of Nine Lights. When he's not fixing boards I've ruined (he'll get at least one of those kids of his through college thanks to me, although maybe only a crappy local one as his prices are good) he builds some fantastic surf craft. Much of what he does is compsand construction which interests me greatly, and geeky as it is I love the education I get on each visit. He's doing some wildly hitech yet old school finless vehicles as well, and has a new website with some nice video here. Best of all, the modern twin I posted a little way back is currently in my house. Frothing like mad over it, and if it rides half as good as it feels under the arm I may negotiate an adoption plan.

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