Saturday, July 04, 2009

RK Droppin' Science Like Galileo

TJS | POV - Richard Kenvin from The Surfer's Journal on Vimeo.

Vimeo gives me all sorts of grief, herky jerky and quiet but it's worth persevering with as Richard gives the goods. Meanwhile here in South Central LA it's like a war zone- you people certainly love your patriotic fireworks. Back home we celebrate an attempt to blow up the English Houses of Parliament but certainly not with as much vigor. This year is exceptional, the dog may not recover.


Jamie said...

On the contrary...Here in Australia they put on a big fireworks show two days ago for Canada Day...Today, nothing, not even a sparkler. I made some homemade fireworks but got arrested, someone screamed something about terrorist...must be the beard.

decembersnowskates said...

great piece...RK mentions "lift"..thats the part you can't explain to another surfer who hasn't tried one.....beastie boys header?

Patrick said...

where are you from Kirk?