Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Random Sort Of Selection

Short while ago I was all stoked on handing off some custom Swift mini Simms, especially since one was going to Bali it seemed. Well, it did and the photos above are Steve putting his board through it's paces. Seems he scored some pretty nice surf and got a few blazing runs on the mini. Nice. Meanwhile check the Hydro blog, there's shots of the Bauguess/Ekstrom collaboration orchestrated by RK- there will be some highly interesting foam coming out of this one. Even more random: should you be at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach this weekend, try to find the board booths as we will be there, a shared Jon Wegener/Hydrodynamica Test Pilot Series/Mackie Surfboards mega booth. Please come by, it'll be nice to see someone that isn't a sticker hunting mouth breathing grom I imagine. Not entirely sure how all this came together as it happened fast, but apparently I'm spending my weekend surrounded by energy drink purveyors and multinational clothing companies trying to interest the masses in cutting edge planing hull design. Excellent. The Kinski board, well that's totally rad. R.I.P. Baby Paul Cullen, one of the Dogtown mainstays. He lived the life, no punches pulled, and I'll miss the mad phone calls out of the blue.

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kinski uncut!