Friday, July 17, 2009

Ether Monthly #3

Photo Kidman from 'Ether'. Available from Foam & Function and worth every cent.

After posting the Narrabeen pics last month and then having my thruster moment courtesy of RT's new film project, it seems only natural to post this particularly epic shot of Simon Anderson at North Narrabeen in 2000. In this photo, he's twice the age of most of the Pro Tour guys.

from his interview in 'Ether'
"At Narrabeen, Col Smith is known as the father of modern, radical, explosive surfing - I think that's fairly common knowledge and he should be proud of that fact. He did set a lot of standards; we were looking at what Col was doing, as opposed to Terry, and trying to emulate that sort of more vertical surfing, that was more oriented to destroying the lip and surfing in the pocket; carving off the top and doing cutbacks, stuff like that.

How I developed my style? I don't know, it just happened. I wanted to surf like Col and be explosive and be radical. Narrabeen, back then, was conducive to doing that under the lip thing and finding out about backhand tube riding. So I was quite happy to practice my craft at Narrabeen and develop my backhand surfing, to a fairly large extent."

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