Sunday, June 28, 2009

Modernity Killed Every Night


One of those weeks of unrelentingness, but all in a good cause I suppose. Boards were delivered all over the place which is actually fun. Obviously if they're buying a board through me, it's one I like and therefore the customers tend to be quite entertaining and cool folks, and so they were. It's a bonus getting to be the guy handing a new board to someone too, makes me feel like I've improved someone's day a bit, and I snuck a few sessions in around the handoffs which improved my days a bit, and the dog found a dead seal which made it very happy but didn't improve anyone's day at all. The shapers here and in Australia are on a roll, there's new concepts and ideas being thrown around and I'm certainly excited. Also collected and am sorting a stack of art from Trefz and Curren, I'll no doubt have some up here and I'm sure you can buy it if you're so inclined. Go to Warbles and check RT's great little advance promo for his new project- fully shreddy acrobat action, made me want a decent wave and a thruster.

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