Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Running Low

Some product that's getting close to gone. The lovely lightweight hoodies are $35 each, there's a few each of grey, black and brown with the Simmons ones and only a couple left of the OG Swift Movement tattoo lettering ones, grey only. Sizes are L and XL only at this point, although we have a few Simmons ones in ladies sizes. Film wise you have the Byron collection there- Mick Waters' festival acclaimed 'Little Black Wheels' and his debut 'Believe', both $25 and Johnny Abegg's completely mad and brilliant "___", packaged in a fanzine for $30. Shipping is included in all prices and you can order or inquire but simply emailing us at info @ foamandfunction.com. I've posted these before, but wasting time watching videos is one of the great joys of the internet, so here you go again as a reminder- first Cookie and his cigs from "___":

and here's a far more sensible and well mannered promo from Mick:

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RORER 714 said...

Hoodies for $35.00


Fight exploitation. Get a Sharpie an old robe and a t- shirt.