Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Mackies In Stock And For Sale

Excuse the ghetto backyard/photo skills, but here is, left to right, what's siting waiting for an owner at present:
6' EPS sidecut HP fish ($800)- Lightweight, super fast and totally responsive, definitely not an old school small wave fish, this is an Aston-Martin DB-9 of surfboards.
6'3" round tail singlefin stub ($850)- Very hully with knifey rails and an s-deck profile, basically a refined point wave rocket.
5'9" diamond tail 2+1 stub ($725)- Don't let the fancy orange tint fool you, this board is the goods. I've talked people out of buying it twice because I want to keep it but as is often pointed out to me, I'm meant to be selling Mick's boards for him, not hoarding them so it's for sale this time- honestly.

All the boards come with fins- hex keels for the sidecut, seriously foiled flexfin for the round tail and a nice Mackie foiled centre plus sidebites with the diamond tail.

There is of course the custom option too, 4-6 week turnaround usually and Mick can build you whatever size, shape or fin setup you want, handshaped and high quality. There's a very exciting custom currently under way for a deserving bloke in Hawaii whose quiver is essentially a museum quality collection of modern performance board design, but you'll see more of that as it comes along. If you'd like to inquire about any of these boards or a custom, or just tell me something interesting, info @ is the place to do it.


sharkbait said...

Pics of the bottoms of the diamond tail and fish please.

Anonymous said...

That blue fin looks almost scary