Friday, March 02, 2012

Cornwall Says Hello

Brilliant, especially John Isaacs and his rides. Bellyboards are mad fun, I've had a few good ones on mine of late although perhaps a little less user friendly for the 5 year olds and the ladies in their mid eighties if the waves are chest to head high and closing out. You do however get the shot-out-of-a-cannon feeling pretty nicely in those conditions, and the little narrow bellyboard holds a line very nicely I must say.


Dave said...

Isaac means well,but still a mouthy incomer.Cornwall int English,mate.

Kirk said...

Actually, as I'm in the middle of a Simon Schama book on British history, I understand this completely. Fractious bunch you lot, and prone to long, violent disputes. It's good stuff if you're just reading about it. I like Isaacs though. mouthy bastard or not he seems to have a good timne of it all.

bellyboarduk said...

Brilliant ! I didn't have myself down as a mouthy incomer ?! Did i drop in on you ? Ha , you're right though , I've only lived here 15 years, kids born here & have Cornish inlaws but yep I'm still an emmet.. thank fuck !