Monday, April 18, 2011

Limey Widowmaker

Aforementioned britisher who's getting the Mackie sidecut is doing alright as he also apparently just got this. It's an absolutely classic looking widowmaker in the Parmenter/Kidman vein from Adrian at Fluid Juice Surfboards in the UK. Many of you may shrug and pass on to some resin tinted confection, but you should give this board a serious glance. It's really quite a lovely thing, clean, functional and utterly stylish in it's simplicity. It conjures images of Central Cal. in the fall for me, cold green water and a solid reef breaking with no one around. Top marks for the logoless clear action too.


Anonymous said...

The egg-white looks good against wood panelling

reverb said...

...hey man,
the yellow bonzer type looks with a fantastic clean outline, from here at least