Monday, April 25, 2011

Brand New Mackie HP Fish For Sale

This whole "Hey. let's make Mick's boards available in the US' deal is becoming a bit of a nightmare. Nothing to do with Mick, he's a lovely bloke and a pleasure to work with. Boards are done when he says they will be and his turnaround is pretty quick for a one man hand shaping operation, even when I get the 'backed up a few weeks, the surf's been good' message. He makes it all very easy, the quality is great and his design sense is inspiring and progressive. Which is where the problem lies. I have no idea what's causing it, maybe the change of seasons down there, maybe the construction on the new shopping centre going up in Ulladulla has stirred something into the air, but the last run of boards has been mind-blowing, and now this has turned up and I want to keep it. I kept the last one that came though, so I can't keep this, but I want it. 6' x 20" x 2 5/8" EPS sidecut fish. Soooo insanely nice under the arm. Totally high performance, foam where you need it but gone where you don't, a bit of thickness in the tail but a lot less than on that quad and a very hooky side cut outline. Yeah, it's good. Comes with FCS boxes and a set of black FK-2 hexcore keels. $800, info @ for inquiries. Unless I cave and wax it up. Actually, I think this Mackie deal was all Kidman's idea so it's actually his fault I'm broke and my kid's room is full surfboards. I feel better now.
A sidebar on Mackie too- he hand shapes these boards so unlike someone who's dealing with a close tolerance blank popped out of a machine, he can tweak what you want- more thickness and a quad setup? Not a problem. This board but 5'8" and an inch wider? Can do but it might look a bit odd. If you want a custom board we can do it and it will be amazing.


reverb said...

...long waay from Aussie land to USA

In the past I have the opportunity of send boards to several Countries.
Not too complex or expensive via freight ships
but now I dont have the man there no more.
Another factor right now is that the final cost elevate too much due to s&h prices (that s going up in the last couple of years)
Seems that you have all of these tracked...
or possibly got friends who brings the boards
that s the way Im using sometimes
normally for Indonesia quivers.

Kirk said...

Yes, we're lucky to have a good transport set up or these boards wouldn't be making it with the current shipping prices. It's a shame it's that way as there could be some fantastic design cross pollination with these boards moving from place to place. The big companies can overrun us with cheap machine shaped boards shipped in bulk so it's important to make this stuff available from you small, independent guys as that's where the design progression will come from.