Friday, April 15, 2011

The Goods, from Mick Mackie

The surfboard cup runneth over as it were. I just sent a very nice sidecut twin to a luckly gent in the UK, there's an EPS twin coming to replace it, finally a fun little session (on the EPS quad Mick made, still absolutely frothing over that board) and to top it off there's these artfully posed beauties. That stub (6' I think) looks quite tidy, and I'm still very enamored by that quad stinger. All these boards were hand shaped by Mick, and that's how he does it all. He will build you any thing you want custom so if you're interested, email info @ These are very, very fine surfboards. And that's just the Mackie stuff, a visit to Jeff Beck was made and there is some utterly brilliant stuff being cooked up in his little bay of surf delights. More on that when he's got it finished and dialed in, but it's entertaining times all round.

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Great looking pics