Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Jay Boy Book

In one of those moments of exceptional coolness, we've got the hookup to make copies of the 'Jay Boy' book available thanks to Mike Pool King. It's a collection of mostly black and white images from the archives of Kent Sherwood, Jay Adams' stepfather and all around Venice icon. The selection is amazing, Jay and the young Dogtown crew (Alva, Baby Paul, Shogo etc) skating and surfing the LA basin in the pre Dogtown days, the last gasp of hippie innocence and feral youth amongst the fast collapsing Los Angeles backdrop. Jay provides captions and a pretty classic dialog for the images, and it's all in all a lovely book. $20 + $2 shipping, email info @ foamandfunction to order or query.


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

super cool. send me 47 copies, the german will pay you for them

Anonymous said...

They look like great photos