Monday, October 12, 2009

Sacred Craft 1

Wegener Art Paipo

Bat tail channeled mini-Sim

Mini Sim Asym

Daniel Thomson shapes

A truly over the top weekend. I think the show was excellent but I didn't get to see too much of it as we were swamped. I did see a parade of very entertaining people stroll by- too many to name check really, but I was totally starstruck by seeing MR wandering around. Reno Abellira who was funny as hell and by getting to have a short chat with Maurice Cole. He was on fire- described the top 44's boards as being 'retro' and played some terrifying clip of RCJ and Tony Ray on a monster wave. It was like being a grom again. I'll post some more as I get through the photos and chores this week.

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