Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Busy Weekend

If you're in the S.F. area, head by the Aqua Surf Shop on Sloat- they have a big swapmeet/parking lot show going on Saturday, seems plenty fun and you may even pick up a sweet airbrushed single fin from River Rock himself, seen in the second photo being escorted from a Tiki conference by San Diego's finest. Apparently he had tried to convince them a Post-it with a cactus drawn on it was a 'Medical Mescaline Card'. Meanwhile that same Saturday (10th by the way) there's a Santa Barbara swap meet in the parking lot at Ledbetter Beach, same deal, all kinds of used surf goods on sale. Further south, there's the mighty Sacred Craft at Del Mar Fairgrounds. We'll be there Saturday and Sunday with a full blown combo booth- Jon Wegener and his alaias, Carl Ekstrom with new finless and asymmetrical shapes, Mackie sidecut and flextail fish and of course the unveliing of a whole new range of Hydrodynamica Test Pilot boards. There will be boards to try at the official demo which is Saturday morning at 7am, 15th St Del Mar and I think we'll be out there again on Sunday around 8am with the goods. It's a whole array of 'non-mainstream' boards that are totally functional. And really fun. Come on by. There will definitely be a storm of photos next week, and I'm hoping for some input from the Kidman east coast jaunt which has been strangely quiet the last few days. The Windy Hills have played a weeks worth of shows so as soon as they recover I'll have the documentation.

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plcasey1 said...

hey, kirk, my Mackie bonzer's comin in next week. Stoked!