Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ether Monthly #6

Martyn Worthington by Andrew Kidman. From 'Ether'

From the interview with Martyn in Ether:
"I think, when people try to control things too much, through advertising, through money, through marketing: trying to control it so, basically, they can profit out of it, it becomes sterile very quickly. And then you get the rebellion against it. It just seems that, maybe, we're on the cusp of something, of finding an expression again. I don't know how it's going to happen, I just feel people are searching for something, just in the work I'm being asked to do. They're getting pretty bored with the way things have been.
There's all sorts of things, there's Oscar Wright- that stuff's just fantastic. I mean, that's him, there's no mistaking it. And if people want to imitate that but do it in their own way, that's so much the better. I want to see a stage where it's alright for people t paint their own boards, or get somebody to do it for them, or whatever else and not worry about paddling out and thinking 'I don't look like whoever.'"

For those of you who are unaware, 'Ether' is an independently produced 252 pg, 12 x 12 signed and numbered book featuring photography, art and interviews by Andrew Kidman. It's limited to 1050 copies only, and comes in a screen printed box with a coloured vinyl 10" record featuring Kidman's music. It's $175 and available from info at

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