Thursday, June 18, 2009

Efficiency and Organisation

No seriously, there was some on this last trip south. I collected some boards which will shortly be making certain people very happy. Joe Bauguess is on fire, the boards are looking really clean, especially the first batch of Simsters which are soon to be glassed. Here's the state of my kid's bedroom at present, she's holding a pretty awesome quiver. There's a 5'9" Mackie Sidecut flextail very similar to the one I've been riding in there, and after the last few days I'm back loving it hard. In the better surf of San Diego county it was feeling really good, sort of like driving on a well cambered road- the flow and drive was apparent, even in the bumpier stuff. Tues was cleaner and bigger than Weds, but there were waves that made the whole jaunt worthwhile both days. The Hydro crew were scoring too, check RK's blog.

The nice new shirt colours were collected- blue for the gents, I've got some Hydro spirals and the Foam & Function with a serious green print, both in Med, Lg and XL. The ladies get the lavender shirts, S, M, or L. There's some Spirals and a few Swift Slayers in black and lavender. All $25 including shipping.

This is the sort of weird score of the month- the always genial and utterly legendary John Elwell designed and had printed these Simmons tribute shirts, front and back print shown. Limited edition, M, L or XL white beefy-t only and $25 also- mad O.G.! To order any of the above just email

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