Thursday, June 04, 2009


some Antipodean at Rincon on a weird looking board, image Kenvin Jan 08

the weird gets weirder, image me May 09

and yet weirder, image Daniel Thomson, the Future?


M said...

Hey Kirk,
Not sure if this will find you but we met at Malibu yesterday in the line-up. Hope all is well brother. Let's get together and chat about surfing and tattoos!

borntoloser said...

Flexed some of those fins on a Daniel Tomson(sp) board this last week in the glass shop. They remind me of log hatchet fins, but they flex a good deal. Really nice shapes in the glass racks- narrowed but not thinned fishy style shorties. Shaun Thomson(sp) had one on the rack just about to be sanded. 6'0.