Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lynch Swirls & The Brown Birds From Windy Hill

Post Trefz tour, Sacred Craft and other assorted jaunts I'm finally getting stuff in order and I'm about to try and do some updates on the Foam & Function site as there's new goods. It's killing me as I now have a stack of beeyoootiful Lynch single fins in the house. Here's some serious resin swirl action, and I wish someone would buy one of these as not only are they epic boards, but should a decent swell come the temptation would be very great. The blue 6'7" is $725 and the orange acid swirl is $775.

Among the new goods are some t-shirts and here's the legendary Brown Birds From Windy Hill bootleg of the bootleg shirt. Black only cause it's rock and roll. Still got a few of the 'Searching For Michael Peterson' soundtrack CDs left too, only $22 postpaid. As always, email me at if you're interested. The rest of the associates are scattered and getting the surf I wish for- boat trips to in Mex, art shows in Japan- there should be some interesting photos from all this action soon I hope.

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