Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like A Rhinestone B-Boy

In the 80's, one of these men was breakdancing to Afrika Bambaata at the Camden Palace and the other was getting shout outs on NYC hip hop radio. Stupid fresh.

Ray Barbee @ The Surf Gallery Laguna Beach

Unbelievably, we not only made it through the Thread tour unscathed but it was the most fun I've had on dry land in a long time. Our thanks to those who showed at the events and to those who helped make it happen (especially the very kind folks at Primo who's generosity fueled some of the best moments). Trefz was an epic travelling companion and he has some serious stamina as in just a day or two he's back on the road for a surf photo trip. Me, I'm catching up on sleep, work and jonesing for another visit to the La Gloria Market & Restaurant in lovely Oxnard CA for more carnitas. If you missed the shows and want a book, there's a few signed copies sitting here and you can email me at info@foamandfunction.com to get one.

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