Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sketchy Business Tour 09

Sorry ladies, he's spoken for. Andy Davis, top notch artist and surf celebrity, models the excellent Tour shirt shortly before the evening took a wild turn or two.

Carl Ekstrom builds boards, and he builds a model of the board first. Seriously detailed model too, the rails on these things are amazing.

The Tudors and a fully psychedelic looking Bill Bahne by P. Trefz

New Shirts! Some styling designs, small run to start so get 'em while they're hot-you can email at info@foamandfunction as always. I've got Trefz books too if you can't make a show.

Exhaustion was kicking in, but a solid 5 hours last night and we're back on it with Trefz heading to NYC for a signing event with Powerhouse, and me trying to get the Sacred Craft booth organised. San Diego was a stormer, huge thanks to those who showed. I fully loved the mix, Carl Ekstrom & Bill Bahne talking design to Chris Del Moro, Tyler Warren and the new school kids, Bauguess and Elwell dropping knowledge and checking Daniel Thomson's ultra hitech performance boards, Trefz and RK had the visuals dialed in, the Windansea groms turned up and laughed at us geezers, Old Man Hands were fantastic, sounding a little darker and wilder I thought, Ando became a wild man, Trefz whipped up midnight tacos, the Primo stocks took a serious hit and the Shores was pretty good on the AM. Join us at the Surf Gallery, 911 S. Coast Hwy this Friday for more of the same and we'll be in booth G3 at the Sacred Craft this Saturday and Sunday with some fantastic boards- I collected a few Lynchs, the Mackies are ready, we'll have the new Hydrodynamica Test Pilot boards of course, and as a total bonus, Carl Ekstrom is on the team and will be bringing some exceedingly interesting stuff. Saturday night we end this batch of book shenanigans at Tom Curren's shop, 727 State St Santa Barbara. Tom will play and I bet Trefz gets silly.

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borntoloser said...

Sounds like fun. I am lame for missing it.

By the way, Shores is never good.