Friday, June 27, 2008

Something In The Air

After a few conversations and some delay caused by high quality Central NSW swell, it's all go to make available Mick Mackie Surfboards in the USA. Mick's going to shape a few and send them up, and I'll be able to sort out any custom orders with him. This means we can all get out hands on his flextail fish and the sidecut fish (the board Garth Dickinson rides in 'Glass Love' is one) to say nothing of all the other epic and creative stuff he's playing with. I believe we'll be seeing a 5'7" sidecut fish and a 5'9" flextail to begin with, and that the flextail will be around for people to try. Go check his site at this is going to be really fun.


Daniel said...

Kirk, love those fishy pins! Hey email me your info...Daniel

redfish said...

kirk, sign me up for a demo on the winterstick style flex. sean. ocean park simms freak

R.T. said...

bring it!!!

warm jet said...

Loving to try!