Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Surf and blog free week due to being on Santa Catalina Island, hanging with the g-f's family. I did get in the water every day, took the fins and mask and did sometimes 2 free dives every day. High point was seeing a pair of Black Sea Bass that were huge, I'd guess about 4-5 feet cruising along the edge of the marine preserve. I got down close to them twice and could check them out- totally prehistoric looking things. As the photo above shows, they got huge and they got fished as a trophy, hence they are very much endangered. Unfortunately this doesn't stop a-holes taking them in Mexico where restrictions are lax, which makes marine preserves like Catalina all the more important. More cheerfully, the SurfIndian party last Saturday was pretty epic- Ando's art was cool, Skip Frye was a total gentleman as always and the gallery/shop looks like it'll be a great venue. Much fun.

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