Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sea Of Joy

How epic are these prints from Mick Waters? He emailed to let me know he had Believe t-shirts and prints for sale, and these are them basically. (For those of you who haven't seen Believe, it's now available in the US and it's well worth checking out) I'm loving the prints and would gladly facilitate getting them from Mick if anyone wants one. The deal is they are gallery quality, mounted on foamcore, and signed by Mick and the surfer in the photo. He also has shots of Rasta, Beau Young and Kyuss King that I'll post soon. I'm guessing with shipping and exchange they'll pan out in the $150-175 range which really is a deal. The Aussies are on the ball, I'm hoping to have available some ridiculously amazing items from down there very soon.

A NOTE: Just looked at that post and the colours have come out a bit funny in the pictures- anyone who cares can email me and I'll send you the actual jpeg- they look way better. consafos at is the address.


R.T. said...

good flick, Believe is.

NiegĂ  said...

An excellent one. Indeed.


Parallel Universe said...

Kia ora Kirk!
Nice prints, really nice. Have you got contact info for Mick Waters or a link to a web site where we can order the stuff? Just so that we antipodeans don't have to do everything via California.
Hope you're enjoying your summer. COld and crazy weather in NZ at the mo.