Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Modern World

Fish by Kidman

I've had an enforced layoff thanks to AT&T screwing up my phone line. 2 weeks, no phone or DSL. It was sort of entertaining for a while. With no internet stuff to distract me I availed myself of some of the smallish but fun surf we've had here lately and got down to the business of moving storage spaces- a new print run of 'Dogtown' means I'm shifting pallets of books around, a truckload at a time. Now I'm playing catchup with all the stuff I ignored, and I'm doing it through a temporary dialup line as my phone is still not sorted. Bastards. I griefed Mr. A. Kidman about giving his good photos to other people's blogs, and he pointed out he's not blogging so much as he's spending his time making what's in the pictures, and gave me a few. Very nice classic and clean fish for the Japanese, congratulations to the individual that gets this- you scored. Kidman is on the ball, new 'Bird' book in the works and I'm back to the catchup shipping

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Sharkbait said...

These are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.