Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Astounding ineptitude

Made and carried out plans to meet RK and Phil at the Shelter opening. I'll spare the full array of nonsense that has led to us being called the 'Keystone Cops of surfing' by someone who's dealt with it all, but needless to say I didn't get my board and I forgot my camera to document the fun. It was fun too, Boroquez installation art and really fine new digs for the Shelter family, K. Putnam dropping knowledge and story out front, Joe Bauguess rolling up from SD with the boys and charming the ladies all night, getting to hang with Ryan Warbles and Jeff Beck from Ninelights, both of whom are onto some wild and entertaining stuff, getting schooled on balsa by the aforementioned Jeff, Mexican beer and general frivolity. The Shelter folks throw a good party and really enjoy this surfboard stuff which is fine by me. Such a moron for leaving the camera behind. It's been a couple weeks of better than usual chaos and ineptitude from me, so here's a look at a suitable mascot for it all.


Anonymous said...

It was a magical night. What a wild and eclectic mix from the surfing world. It was a good mix from north and south. Graham and Kim sure know how to throw a party.

twinfin said...

It s always rad to see you and the Swift crew. Looking forward to throwing down again soon.

R.T. said...

rad to see you kirk!