Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Eaton/Swift Bonzer by Joe Bauguess

It seems like you can't be a real blogger without posting a picture of a bonzer, so here's one from me. Joe's in town and busy shaping away so hopefully I'll be seeing my 5'5" mini Simmons very soon. I'm excited like schoolkid the day before holidays.
As the year is about 1/4 gone, I'm seriously facing up to what I need to get done. Hopefully it's going to be a productive year for us all, and by posting this I'm hoping I'll have added incentive to get these things finished. In relative order of expected production, here's my aims:
-Swift website up and running (soon I hope)
-Brown Birds From Windy Hill vinyl released
-Joe Curren book done and released
-'Bird Down Under' book finished and released
-Albie Falzon book started
-Hopefully a couple more 'Ether' shows in there too, Andrew's talking about Spain and I'd like to get those East Coast shows done, and maybe another LA/SD one if he's back in the US. I'm agitating for the full slide show/Hydrodynamica clip performance again as it went over very well.
There's also some tenative fun with Australian surfboards and shapers,and I'll hopefully also be helping Patrick Trefz sell his 'Thread' book (again- that's a really good film) but more on that as it becomes more concrete.I need to pay my rent and eat over this time too, so no doubt Jan 09 will come and I'll be staring at this list in dismay. Don't forget this Saturday is the Shelter reopening which I will most certainly attend, 'with bells on' as they say in my part of the world.


Parallel Universe said...

Kia ora Kirk!
How about an Ether trip to NZ? Eh?!? You know you want to...
Looking forward to hearing more about the Alby Falzon book. What a legend and gentleman he is.
And yep, you're right, Thread is a great film. The Jim Denevan chapter is truly great. Oh, and Joe Currens photos look great too, so that should also be a good book.
Phew, long list of goodness there. Enjoy your Simmons, btw

Kirk said...

actually, that's a fine idea. I haven't been home in a while and Andrew & the Purch spend a bit of time surfing in NZ, so one of their next trips I should just head down with a stack of books and we're away. Seriously worth trying to co-ordinate I think. My 5'5" will be ready this weekend and RK had plans to head up this way so I may be surfing it Sat AM (although now it seems it may not make it up- I live in hope though)

surferbrat said...

Great ideas Kirk... may the force be with you. My list is about that long and equally as daunting (though on a smaller scale). Can't wait to see all of those things come to fruition.

NiegĂ  said...

Kirk, we'll be delighted to have A. Kidman back in Spain this summer. Just make sure this time he doesn't bring the flatest spell of the year with him.

NiegĂ  (the guy with the Val Dusty Experiment t-shirt)

warm jet said...

Flashback to the Bing era of the Bonzer design being tweaked in a manner not in line with the oringinal specs.
Good or bad ?
I'll stick with the origins.
I do have love for Eatons early Bings
epecially the shorter 3 fin eggs.