Saturday, April 05, 2008

Freshly Minted

5' 5" of fun, much thanks to Joe B, Phil and RK and I'm going surfing...

Possibly because of new board excitement, the eye of fate and all that, the waves were crap. Small and gutless on the points with the tide filling, bigger and starting to close out at the beachy. Ah well, such is surfing. I got a couple, Casper Jnr. Jnr. felt as good as that which it was modeled off and I can't wait for a decent go at it. Did run into some friends and had much fun but not much waves. Back at it tomorrow.


Parallel Universe said...

Aaahhhh, ya tease!
Let's see some more, and more revealing, photos.
I wish you luck, and hope you get to deflower it in decent, uncrowded waves.

twinfin said...

Stoked for you Kirk! Rode mine in some north county chop on Friday and again on Saturday morning..when RT gets his, we should have a meeting of the caspers!