Friday, April 11, 2008

Casper Jnr. Jnr.

More of the new board. Lame as I am I cranked a few crappy photos off , waxed it and away I went. Too excited to actually take a minute or two for better unsullied photos, but I'll do some nicely posed ones soon. Subsequent sessions have been more rewarding with better waves to play on (still far from great) and I can feel it doing what it should. My new daily driver without doubt. Very fun board, paddles much better than you'd think a 5'5" would be capable of, it's really loose and skateboard-esque and absolutely flies. My experience with this design had been on pretty good waves- lined up Rincon and you're in heaven- so I'm stoked that it rides so well in lesser conditions like the Santa Monica beach break. Still managed to go over the handlebars on one though


pushingtide said...

Nice Mr. Beach!!!

asmith said...

It's not a new board until you go over the handlebars! Killer!

R.T. said...

stoked for you! by the way, i'm backin your non "posed" photos... they keep it real.