Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year: New Boards From Griffin Stepanek

New Year, new start, new horizons. After the horror that was 2016 and after the last few posts of gloriously tinted, juicy eye poppingly fine resin work, it feels right to start with an aesthetic palate cleanser. The above boards were shaped by former Yard Possum alumni Griffin Stepanek. After spending much of his young life in San Diego surrounded by and riding some very classic and very interesting craft, Griffin has put these experiences to pratical youth and is shaping some very, very clean craft. We're excited that we'll have some of his boards available- these young guys are the next wave of where surfboard design will go, and a positive aspect of some very strange times indeed. 

Thanks as always for your attention over the past year, it's always good to know there's others out there that get this. Onwards and upwards....

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