Saturday, December 24, 2016

6'2" Parmenter Six Channel Single For Sale

Quite simply the most spectacular glass job on one of the best bits of surfboard design we've come across in a a long while. Mr. Parmenter's remix of the classic channeled single fin (the original was made for Stephanie Gilmore to ride in 'Spirit Of Akasha') takes a classic Michael Peterson concept and mixes modern functional elements gleaned from Dave's decades of hands on surfboard research and development. The boards are a favourite go-to ride here- fast and stylish as a good single should be, but with surprising performance is waves that are somewhat less than perfect. Factor in the seriously lush Waterman's Guild glass work, and this is a gem of a board. 6'2" x 19.5" x 2.65" , $885 without fin (but we can sort you out a perfect option very reasonably)

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reverb said...

...great location for the photo shoot Kirk.
No doubt that a Black pigment is a very difficult task; even more with channels.