Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Guild Surfboards

The above boards are the Matchbox model from the new Guild Surfboards label, courtesy of the fine gents at Waterman's Guild. They are our glass shop of choice in Southern California, a family run business who have been putting the outsides on surfboards for over 30 years and are Dave Parmenter's choice for the finishing touches on his boards which is good enough for us. They've made what seems a natural leap into board production as they have access to some excellent young shapers, Griffin Newman who's worked with the likes of Almond in this case, and a great facility. Guild Boards are the more 'classic' line of shapes while eclectic/HPSB designs will come out through Vega Surfboards. The output so far has been seriously impressive, especially this Simmons-esque Matchbox model. They have these two in stock, the Orange/Black is a 5'6" with glassed on keel fins (black glassed on keel fins- told you they were good) and runs $740 while the 5'4" has quad boxes and is $655. They're in the Guild store here and we will definitely be showing you more, including a new project that's just gotten underway.....

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