Sunday, December 28, 2014

Skateboard Related Video

As the year stumbles to an end, here's a couple of videos featuring skateboarders of all ages and both genders. First is the promo for what seems like being an awesome film (or at least collection of short films) and which features so many of the guys that made skateboarding so exciting, and who are still doing it, and how's good is that beginning- Barbee, Kaupas, Hensley, Duffy, Dressen, Marcovich, Agah? Heroes. Next is a fine clip from Skateistan, an organization I support 100%. They  build skateparks and educational facilities for kids in parts of the world where there is almost zero opportunity for kids, both educationally and recreationally.  They began in Afghanistan and have since spread their programs to Kampuchea and now South Africa. If the kids want to skate, they need to go to school as well, and what's truly awesome about this how it's been a huge success for young girls, so often marginalized even in affluent Western society. There's a certain feeling of joy and positivity in both videos, and that's worth holding onto as we head into 2015. Best of luck everyone....

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