Saturday, November 29, 2014

Parmenter Customs

Two 7'10"s for the Great White North. The camo spray pintail is a Sunset mini gun style deal, straight up speed line action for the beautiful cobblestone points these guys surf. The other is a bit of a mind bender, a Makaha Machine with some of the most elegantly subtle shaping tweaks I've seen in a while. Felt great under the arm, totally intuitive rails and foil, and serious V in the nose? Loved it, surfboards are magic sometimes and the ones Parmenter has been sending through are a class above. There's still the single fins for sale if you want one for christmas, both the channeled V-6 model and a MP disc (although be quick on that one...)

Too many 7'10" boards = a deal for someone else. That 7'10" Makaha Machine? It's been ridden, but only a couple of times and it may well be available to a discerning enthusiast of the longer ride. info @ for more details.....

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