Monday, August 04, 2014

All Night Menu

There's a lot about Los Angeles to struggle with- the diabolically shitty surf for starters- but the feeling of a lack of culture or permanence is what really scrambles me. I understand it's out there, but it seems hard to find and often a shallow riff on something happening elsewhere. It certainly hasn't always been like that, and writer Sam Sweet has the proof. His 'All Night Menu' book (the first of a series of 5) is a beautifully realized concept- 8 stories, each based on a separate address and giving a little of the history tied to that locale. Issue one is available here and covers Velzy's surf shop in Venice, downtown boxers, Latino gangs and female bullfighters amongst other things. Whether you live here or not, you're going to appreciate the city and it's depth a lot more- worth checking out definitely.

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