Wednesday, October 10, 2012


John Mellor built this. It's a tidy little hoop finned bellyboard that predates the Bauguess mini Sims by a bit, and looks a lot like some of the modified versions of the mini's that were being touted as a progression on the originals. The Simmons-ness was always out there, just looking for the correct lightening rods so it could earth itself in suitable designs. This board is apparently being ridden as a stand up by some kids at present which is how it should be. A RANDOM UPDATE
Are you in or around New York? Go to this, it'll be great. Two fine surfers who are also brilliant raconteurs and do enough interesting stuff to keep an evening's conversation on the entertaining side. And how's this for the hoop fin concept in a different context?
Taken from the always good Hye Tyde blog. That's it, as you were please.

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