Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ninelights Twin

The thing about having a lot of surfboards is you wind up surfing 2 or 3 of them in rotation most of the time, and for me the compsand modern twin made by Jeff Beck is definitely one of those 2 or 3. The construction and materials of the board are amazing, it utterly convinced me of how good vacuum bags and veneer can make a surfboard, and coupled with the fact that Jeff is a really good shaper, you can't go wrong. The guy who bought this certainly didn't- 6'7" balsa & redwood version of a MR twin. Epic. The autumnal swell is showing signs of showing, and the thought of a board like this on a decent wave (there's a jetty left that sometimes works very nicely indeed I'm thinking of mostly) that makes me believe it's owner will have a good winter ahead.

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dan said...

beautiful wood working on those rails.