Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Owl Chapman, Dock Ellis & Hallucinogens

You have to bear with me a little on this one, it sort of makes sense. Not being from here, there's a lot of American stuff that I just don't get, and baseball is one of things. Despite a near complete lack of knowledge, I did learn of Dock Ellis who notoriously pitched a no hitter (which is good) while frying on LSD. Pretty wild, but I always thought the stories of Owl Chapman dosing up and surfing big Waimea were even crazier. Owl is one of those fantastic larger than life characters; he never seemed to care much about the civilian world and during the era of the transition to shortboards he just surfed and lived the life, which he still does to this day. He's a true underground shaper, making insane big wave boards for the deserving who can flush him out, and he still paddles out in the big stuff and charges. Thanks to Glen Friedman, I was recently turned onto the above clip from a proposed Dock Ellis documentary. Dock was well cool- a cocky, hair curler wearing bad ass deep in a mainstream professional sport. Like Owl, he was a true individual who chose no compromise as a lifestyle and had some serious skills to back his deal up- these are the sort of people who keep it all interesting, and I respect them for it. The Dock doc is currently launching on Kickstarter, you can check it all out here as it's a worthy project. From the top, the photos are: Owl and MP by Peter Crawford. Owl at Pipeline by Art Brewer. Owl at Sunset by Andrew Kidman. Glen 'Jnr. bad ass' Friedman and Dock Ellis.


nursemyra said...

Dock doc Dock doc Dock doc..... it sounds so funny I can't stop saying it

Electric Sunshine said...

Owl + Hallucinogens = Creativeness
This write up made us smile today.