Thursday, June 07, 2012

Eli's Widowmaker

From the ever classic Ben of Scarborough comes some fantastic shots of his teenaged nephew Eli putting a 6' widowmaker to the purpose it was intended for. Eli's dad Simon took the photos somewhere in the southern reaches of the West Island and after a couple of days spent flailing around in soft windswell I'm unspeakably jealous. Love Eli's pose on lip too, it's good to see there's smart arse 30 year olds flying the flag of unbeatable confidence.


ben chipper said...

...the only problem is ...Eli is , in fact , 30 years old .

Kirk said...

then he's REALLY a smartarse!

ben chipper said...


Eli was born 1st january 1981 , so oops he is now THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD , actually ... my 51 year old memory lapsed for a minute ...I was born 3rd january 1961 , so easy enough to keep track of our ages , as long as I remember what year it is NOW eh ?! :)