Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kidman This Time

Three of Andrew's Dreamboards, bound for the U.S. on the slow boat. If he keeps shaping them this nicely he'll be able to afford an indoor bath in no time. These Aussies are definitely doing some interesting stuff with surfboards right now, and Mr. Kidman is as always working like the proverbial drover's dog with a couple of nice projects in the works. We'll keep you updated, and as I know where one of those boards is going, I'll have a ride report at least, if not a loan of it.


unidentified said...

kirk, i lost yer email. can you mail me? got a dreamboard question?

Kirk said...

Easy, email me at or even try the man himself via the Kidman site

nursemyra said...

I like that deep purple board - it goes with my hair