Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is a 6' 8" Parmenter widowmaker of the old school- paving stone thick, rails as hard as diamonds and just beautifully sleek. It came across the path of Chris in Hawaii who has some very nice boards on the way and didn't need this, but being the fine bloke he is and knowing I had strong affection for this style of board, he put it my way. A flurry of emails, a convenient visit for a Honolulu based friend and it's in my hands. Naturally the swell vanished, but it'll get ridden the second it gets over waist high. Very, very stoked on this thing.


nursemyra said...

Widowmaker? Good Lord!

Kirk said...

It's OK Nurse, the 'widowmaker' is simply some (hopefully) ironic machismo in the naming of a board with certain characteristics- widepoint forward, big centre fin, 2 smaller sides. These surfers like to be tough guys definitely.