Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Steph Gilmore via Kidman

Andrew Kidman has been quietly working away with Alby Falzon on the 'Spirit Of Akasha' project, and from what of it he's let be seen, the film is going to be pretty amazing. This latest taste is in the form of another limited edition book, much like 'Lost In The Ether'. This time the subject is the quite brilliant Steph Gilmore. It's an 84 page book with essays by Kidman and Dave Parmenter (who shaped the single fin that Ms. Gilmore rides so well) and 48 pages of images from the film. Limited to 1000 signed copies, it's definitely a keeper. Once again it's only available direct from Andrew, so the place to get it is here. The clip is from Mickey Smith, who is contributing a chunk of the film, and it is a beautiful thing. I am just loving the quality of visuals that are being made at the moment, it's brilliantly realized and creative film-making, and it's about surfing- a near perfect entertainment combination as far as I'm concerned.

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