Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Single Fin

Had some fun on my Horan single (Spitfire fin in the box rather than the winged keel although that may go back in) and have been admiring some singles. First two are serious Mackie blades, then two from Kidman- a version of his Splice (a sort of Parmenter/Lynch mix) and Wibz' channeled single, similar to the Parmenter built single Stephanie Gilmore rides in Kidman's new book 'Single'. A couple of Sage Joske classics, and a Horan styled big fella single built by Hank Warner. This one's for sale at Revolution and is a mad good deal for someone. Every one of these boards is a one off, a riff on a previous shape, a progression, a tuned out custom, a little pushing of the edges. This is how design advances- hands on.


reverb said...

...hello man,
couple there sport fine outlines.

talking about the Horan board: what types of waves?
difficult to bottom turn without slipping? or do not slide?

Kirk said...

Reverb, I surf the Horan in typical LA closeout beachbreak, and love it when there's a bit of push in the waves- gets in easy and can be turned hard. On a better wave it really comes to life- fast and fluid, and I have to say I think I like the Spitfire fin better than the winged keel- the keel is great in turns, but has a draggy feel sometmes and is a kelp catching monster.

peter said...

how long is that mackie on the top?