Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year To Me

5'11"/6'. Ekstrom bamboo fins. Mad thanks to Hank Warner, RK and Carl. Now if the weather and waves would cooperate, I'll have a ride report. Please note the 'lawn' in the Skip Frye post a week or so back as compared to it in this one. It's been raining.


HeadHighGlassy said...

Happy, indeed! Best way to start the new year. Or second best, now that I'm thinking about it. Congrats, she has 'fun' written all over her.

Kirk said...

And a happy new one to you as well boss. Thanks for another fine whiskey selection and yes, that ride is going to be good one.

Anonymous said...

You lucky dog. Let us know what you think of those cutaway fins.

I'm tempted to ask the going price. But that seems in bad form.

Kirk said...

Not at all- runs about the same as a standard butterknife- mid 800s or so- if you contact RK through the Hydro site he can give you details. The thing feels magic but I've not had a decent wave to put it on yet, where's this swell we've been promised?

Anonymous said...

nice one Kirk!

after fighting the asym bug for years, I'm every so thankful for finally succumbing. I've just returned from "home" with a asym single fin I scored back in 2001 in El Cajon, that's been in storage for years and in need of resto. I'll shoot you some pictures when I get a chance.

still need to link up one of these days!