Saturday, August 27, 2011

Normal Transmission Is Resumed

Boards and waves time. This week there weren't really waves to speak of (again) but a jaunt to Ninelights Surfboards headquarters was made. A project was dropped off (more soon) and the amazing compsand modtwin was walked off with. Waves are coming supposedly, but I didn't mention that to Jeff as I strolled out with his handiwork.

From Mackie, a nice little peak and a shiny stunner of a classic sidecut fish.

Tomo, getting utterly mat barreled. If you'd like one of his mats, let us know- $195, shipping included to wherever you are. email info @ and we'll sort it out.

From another matter- somewhere on the hurricane coast last year. Hope you're all hanging in there OK Jamie

And there you go, boards, waves and some bonus mats. We try to deliver on promises.


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Jamie said...

We've been better. We're alive though and our house is intact. We are stranded on the other side of the bridge and the army will not let us go home. Gypsy status for over 10 days now. Thanks for the love amigo